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Certification Registry

As a certified internal auditor, prove your credibility.

Demonstrate Your Credential With The IIA Certification Registry

The IIA is excited to announce the launch of The IIA Certification Registry. The IIA Certification Registry is an up-to-date record of individuals who have earned an IIA certification and maintain it by reporting continuing professional education (CPE) to keep their credential active. All IIA active certification holders who choose to voluntarily opt-in will be included in the registry. The IIA Certification Registry allows you to provide evidence of your accomplishments and provides an opportunity for employers and recruiters to verify your IIA designations.

The IIA Standards require continuing professional education (CPE) of all internal auditors. The IIA’s Professional Certification Board requires all certification holders to complete and report CPE annually so their certifications remain in good standing. Individuals who do not meet the annual CPE requirement will not be included in The IIA Certification Registry nor can they claim the certification status.

Inclusion in the registry is voluntary and individuals can opt-in at the following points of time:

  • Upon completion of the certification program.
  • When the certification holder reports required CPE annually.
  • Submit a support case from CCMS and request to opt-in.

What information is included in The IIA Certification Registry?

  • Certification holder’s first and last name
  • Certificate ID
  • Certification status
  • Country of residence

No personal contact information, such as email, physical address, or phone number, will be included in the registry. Inclusion in the registry is voluntary. If you have an active certification and choose not to be listed in the certification registry, your information will not be included.

Questions related to The IIA Certification Registry should be directed to our customer relations team at or +1-407-937-1111 or open a new incident in your CCMS profile.