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Our Public Policy & Corporate Governance Programs

Mat Young


Executive Vice President
Global Advocacy, Policy, & Stakeholder Relations

The IIA is committed to protecting and advancing laws, regulations, and other public and corporate governance policies which are in the best interests of the public, the internal audit profession, The IIA, our affiliates, and our members.

A Global Public Policy Message

The IIA proudly supports our 115 affiliates around the world as they engage with their countries’ public policymakers, regulators, corporate governance leaders, and other profession stakeholders.

Together, we promote a common #OneIIA message about the profession and our macro policy goals while also understanding that various regions and individual countries may have unique political, economic, or cultural solutions to arrive at the same policy outcome. 

Canada & The United States

The IIA’s Advocacy Team works closely with policymakers in Canada and the United States to directly influence and advance laws, regulations, and government policies.

We strive to position The IIA, our chapter volunteers, our members, and the profession, as a whole as, trusted “go to” experts and problem solvers whom government officials can rely on for reliable, honest, and accurate advice.

Our team regularly meets with government officials in Ottawa and Washington, DC and we are working to build out a presence at the provincial, state, and local level.

Corporate Governance Engagement

We actively collaborate with global, regional, and national stakeholders to promote best practices, standards, research, and thought leadership that centers internal audit in all corporate governance policies. 

Some of the most important decisions impacting internal auditors are not decided solely by lawmakers and regulators, but rather through the collective decisions of corporate governing bodies (e.g., boards of directors, audit committees), C-suite leaders, NGOs, and other professional associations. 

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Three Lines Model

The IIA has developed the Three Lines Model to help organizations identify structures and processes that best assist in the achievement of an organization's objectives and facilitate strong governance and risk management.

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Profession Issues

Support the Internal Audit Profession and Its Legal & Regulatory Framework

  • Protect the public interest by providing independent, competent, and objective assurance.
  • Preserve self-regulation of the internal audit profession.
  • Promote professional competence through The IIA’s professional designations, Standards, and high ethical standards.

Data Privacy and Security

  • Support the passage of strong national and multinational data privacy laws – and corresponding regulations – to minimize the risk of organizational non-compliance with inconsistent local requirements.
  • Provide assurance that organizations have robust security architectures mitigating the operational and financial risks of data breaches and other technology-based threats.


Require all cryptocurrency exchanges to:

  • Establish and maintain an independent internal audit function.
  • Have their senior management annually certify that their exchanges’ internal controls are adequate, based on an internal audit assessment.


  • Advance laws and policies that ensure cybersecurity frameworks are robust, maintain appropriate internal controls and independent objective assurance over those controls, and minimize the organizational and operational risks of various threats, including:
    • Denial-of-service
    • Social engineering
    • Ransomware
    • Corporate software vulnerabilities

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

  • Ensure a central role for internal audit in the provision of ESG disclosure - whether voluntary or required by law.
  • Guarantee consistency and cross-comparability of ESG frameworks (e.g., climate and sustainability disclosures) so that information is useful to investors and other stakeholders.
  • Support the alignment and/or uniformity of ESG standards when feasible. 

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IIA Public Comment Letters

The IIA regularly provides comments and recommendations on various proposal, regulations, and legislation. 

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Meet The Team

For general inquiries about our program, please contact

Mat Young

Executive Vice President, Global Advocacy, Policy, & Stakeholder Relations

Mat Young started at The IIA in February 2022.  He has worked in public policy his entire career, including for a U.S. Senator, a U.S. House Committee, a federal regulatory agency, and four different professional membership associations. His past policy contributions can be found in a number of US federal and state laws, including the banning of tax strategy patents and advancing the interstate right to cross-border practice for Certified Public Accountants.  He has an undergraduate degree in economics and urban studies from Trinity University in San Antonio and a master’s degree in public affairs from Princeton University.  In addition to English, he has professional proficiency in French.

Roberto Rosas

Advocacy Director, Global

Roberto Rosas started at The IIA in July 2022. He has worked for a U.S. Congressman, a federal agency, and a professional membership association. Roberto was born in San Diego, CA, and has participated in immersion programs and experiences in France, Italy, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, and Brazil. He recently earned his master’s degree at the University of Cambridge. He speaks five languages fluently and lives in Washington, DC.

Harold Silverman

Sr. Director, CAE and Corporate Governance Engagement

Harold Silverman started at The IIA in January 2019. As the Director of CAE & Corporate Governance Engagement, Harold provides thought leadership and leading best practices to audit leaders around the world.  He also oversees corporate governance advocacy efforts for the profession, partnering and collaborating with internal audits’ key stakeholder organizations. Harold was previously Vice President of Internal Audit at The Wendy’s Company. Prior to Wendy’s, he was the Vice President of Internal Audit at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Co. Harold has also held internal audit positions at Raytheon Co. and PwC. Harold received a bachelor’s degree in economics and government from Bowdoin College and an MBA and Masters of Accounting from Northeastern University.

Jillian Fernandez, MPS, PMP, C.Mgr.

Advocacy Director, Canada

Jillian Fernandez started at The IIA in January 2023. Prior to her role at The IIA, Jillian worked for both the federal government as well as the Government of Ontario in various roles. She has, likewise, worked for several professional trade associations to further advocacy priorities. Jillian is currently pursuing her MBA from the Ivey Business School at Western University, having previously completed a Master of Public Service (Public Policy and Public Administration) at the University of Waterloo. She also speaks French having earned a earned a bachelor’s degree in political science and public administration from the University of Ottawa and holds multiple designations.

Michael Downing

Sr. Director, US Advocacy

Michael Downing started at The IIA in August 2022. Before assuming his role at The IIA, Michael held several positions in the federal government, including Deputy Assistant Secretary for Intergovernmental Affairs at the U.S. Department of Labor and Deputy Chief of Staff at the U.S. General Services Administration. Prior to working in Washington, DC, Michael served in the Office of Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett and held several senior-level campaign positions in his native Pennsylvania. Michael holds a bachelor’s degree from Loyola College.

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Alexander Sload, JD

Sr. Manager, Advocacy & State Policy

Alex Sload started at The IIA in July 2022. Alex has worked in state government in a variety of roles such as a manager for a Pennsylvania state representative, and a legislative research analyst for the Pennsylvania House Environmental Resources and Energy Committee.  Alex holds a Juris Doctorate from Widener University Commonwealth Law School, along with two bachelor’s degrees from Millersville University.