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IPPF Oversight Council

IPPF Oversight Council

The IPPF Oversight Council is designed to evaluate and advise on the rigor of The IIA's standards and guidance-setting process, which will increase the confidence of internal audit stakeholders around the world.

IPPF OC Charter

Organizations represented on this Council include:

Organization Representative
International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) Alta Prinsloo, Chair
Global Network of Director Institutes (GNDI) Kirsten Patterson
International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI) Paweł Banaś
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) János Bertók
The World Bank Juan Carlos Serrano-Machorro
The IIA Andrew Dahle
The IIA Naren Aneja


Standard-setting in the Public Interest

This document presents a standard-setting framework that ensures the International Internal Audit Standards Board sets thoughtful standards, worthy of extensive global adoption and implementation.

The framework includes a structure and due process that together articulate the stakeholder responsiveness of international standard-setting for internal auditing and thus, duly considers the public interest.

The Oversight Council believes that an internal audit function aligned with professional standards is more likely to protect the public interest and to achieve internal audit's mission: to enhance and protect organizational value.

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Reports of the IPPF Oversight Council

The IPPF Oversight Council issues reports to provide insight into their activities to ensure that the manner in which standards and guidance are created is effective, fair, transparent, relevant, and in the public’s and their stakeholders’ best interests.

2023 IPPF Oversight Council Annual Report
2020-2022 IPPF Oversight Council Report
2019 IPPF Oversight Council Annual Report​
2018 IPPF Oversight Council Annual Report
2017 IPPF Oversight Council Annual Report