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The International Professional Practices Framework

The IPPF: The Framework for Internal Audit Effectiveness

The International Professional Practices Framework® (IPPF®) organizes the authoritative body of knowledge, promulgated by The Institute of Internal Auditors, for the professional practice of internal auditing. The IPPF includes:

  • Global Internal Audit Standards™.
  • Topical Requirements.
  • Global Guidance.


Global Internal Audit Standards

The Standards guide the worldwide professional practice of internal auditing, are principle-based, and serve as a basis for evaluating and elevating the quality of the internal audit function.

At the heart of the Standards are 15 guiding principles that enable effective internal auditing. Each principle is supported by standards that contain requirements, considerations for implementation, and examples of evidence of conformance.

Topical Requirements

Topical Requirements will ensure that all internal audit functions – large, small, private, or public – apply consistent audit methodology when assessing the effectiveness of governance, risk management, and controls of a particular topical area.

A Topical Requirement will be mandatory when internal audit scopes an audit engagement that includes the specific topic covered.

A range of Topical Requirements on specific areas within the audit universe will be available soon.

Global Guidance

Supplemental guidance supports the Standards by providing nonmandatory information, advice, and best practices for performing internal audit services. It is endorsed by The IIA through formal review and approval processes.

The supplemental elements of the IPPF are:

  • Global Practice Guides
  • Global Technology Audit Guides® (GTAG®)