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Data Literacy Certificate: A Journey to Data Analytics

Format: On-demand

About Self-Study Certificate Program

Data is the driving force for most management decisions and many leaders will tell you it is their most valuable asset. For many organizations, it is also their most uncontrolled asset. Over the decades, organizations have created and accumulated an inordinate amount of data and the amount grows daily. The challenge for many organizations is three fold: we do not know what data we have, how many copies we have, nor where those copies are located. Proper data management starts with an accurate and complete inventory of all data and information assets. Internal audit’s ability to guide our organizations starts by improving our own data literacy.

This certificate program is designed to ensure the internal audit community possesses the fundamental data literacy competencies to effectively assess an organization’s data governance and management practices, including their data analytics capabilities. 

This certificate program is comprised of 6 modular courses:

  • Data Literacy and Governance
  • Data Management and Protection
  • Data Gathering Techniques and Validation
  • Data Analysis
  • Using Data Analytics to Identify Business Problems and Assess Sustainability
  • Diverse Platforms, Automation, and Transformation

Participants who complete all course modules are eligible to sit for the certificate exam which is administered on The IIA’s LMS platform.

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